About Me


I have fallen in love a few times in my life. In 1989, it was the New York Yankees. In 1991, football gave me purpose. In 1996, I met my future wife and we fell in love and in 2000, on our honeymoon, we went to Las Vegas and I found my next true love. The lights, the sounds, the rhythm of the city, the vibe of the strip, and the never ending entertainment offered us a place of escape and excitement.

Since 2000, I have visited Vegas thirty-six times (as of 2022), stayed in eleven different resorts, gone to over 30 shows, dined in over 80 restaurants and enjoyed every minute of it. Neither my wife nor I are high rollers or party big. In fact, my wife hardly gambles or drinks at all and I consider myself a “low roller.” I love to sit at a low limit table and have a few drinks. Vegas is the gambling and party capital of the world but has become so much more. Sin City has remains one of the most visited cities in the world for reasons other than slot machines and strip clubs. The Vegas strip holds 26 of the 50 biggest hotels in the world, almost as many shows as Broadway, countless high-class restaurants owned by celebrity chefs and so much more.
In my “real” life, I’m the Director of Orientation, Transition & Family Engagement where I oversee New Student Orientation and transition programs and coordinate activities and programs for first-year students, families and transfer students. In addition to being married to a wonderful woman, I spend time with a feisty pitbull mix named Holly, passionate about my sports teams (New York Yankees, Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Golden Knights and waiting for a Vegas NBA team) adore my godchildren (Parker, Jeremiah, and Michael) and can’t get enough of my nephews Charlie and Joseph and niece Amelia.
I started this website because I truly love Las Vegas and wanted to share my experiences. In addition to my visits to Vegas, I’ve spent so much time reading about Las Vegas’ history, culture and learning as much as I can. I’m happy to share what I know and answer any questions via email at salvegas24@yahoo.com .

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