Formula for Victory

On November 16th, 2009, I had the privilege of delivering my “Last Lecture” as part of Southern Connecticut State University’s “Last Lecture Series.” The series was based on the popular book, “The Last Lecture,” by Dr. Randy Pausch. I would recommend both the book and watching Dr. Pausch’s lecture. (Click here for Dr. Pausch’s Last Lecture).

My Last Lecture was based on the simple concept of recognizing that victory is based on a person’s effort and dedication to excellence and not solely based in accomplishments. As a 16 year-old, I had suffered countless disappointments throughout my life and began to feel as though failure was my best friend. Until, one day, I reflected upon my effort and realized that I couldn’t have done much more at certain points in my life to achieve my goals and that I needed to be satisfied with my effort and continue moving ahead. It was on that day that I wrote “Formula for Victory,” which is certainly corny but, I was sixteen. Still, the principles and philosophy of this piece have guided me most of my life.

For those interested, here is my last lecture (click here.)

And below is my “Formula for Victory.”

Formula for Victory

By Sal Rizza

       Through all the work and dedication look at who you are today and ask if it was enough. Make sure you cannot think of one time you could have tried harder. Most importantly you must want to be victorious in all you do, not willing to settle for second place. This is the formula for victory. In the end if you still ask yourself “I tried my hardest, I gave it my best, How come I can’t win?”  Realize that victory is an emotion from the soul not points on a score-board or records kept. To be victorious is to achieve goals not previously attainable. The only way to lose is to stop trying. Therefore you can never stop winning.

Thank you for attending.

Southern Connecticut State University

Last Lecture Series

November 16, 2009

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