The Vegas Pre-Game Series- Preparing for #vimfp

The Vegas Pre-Game Series- Preparing for #vimfp


Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling to the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic. Yes, this is a real thing. If you don’t believe me, visit . While I haven’t experienced the magic that is #vimfp, I have spend the past two months preparing for this weekend.  First, I needed to learn a little bit more of what this whole thing actually was. I’ve likened this completely free event to a comic book convention for Vegas geeks, like myself, to gather and celebrate the fabulous city of Vegas. Bloggers, podcasters, webmasters, app creators, and Vegas geeks will gather to drink, celebrate and be merry all in the name of Vegas. Podcasters will do live shows. Authors of Vegas books will speak and be spoken to. There will be a parade of Vegas geeks competing in the World Series of Satin Casino Jackets. And, I’m assuming, there will be a lot of happy Vegas love.











In preparation, I skipped my traditional Vegas rituals of watching the Oceansand Hangover movies, cashing in my bottles and cans, and researching which shows and restaurants I would go to. Instead, I worked on rebranding my website, listened to past Five Hundy by Midnight and Vegas Gang podcasts , connected with #vimfp’ers and created new business cards and t-shirts.


To say I’m excited about this weekend is an understatement. I’m always amped for my Vegas trips. But, this time, I’m going to be surrounded by my Vegas brethren. I’m passionate about some things in my life. I’ve sat with some of the smartest Student Affairs professional in the country at conferences and had intellectual discourse about student development theory, higher education and the “millennials.” I love to be surrounded by Pearl Jam fans (the Jamily) and screaming the lyrics to “Given to Fly” with my brother, Melo, sitting in the seat next to me. I’ve lost my mind watching the Bills beat the Patriots at the Ralph a few years ago while sitting next to my friends Bob and Pisci who are die-hard Patriot fans. I’ve sung “New York, New York” with my wife after watching the Yankees win a play-off game in Yankee Stadium.

But, this is different. I’m looking forward to having a drink in hand, meeting some of the biggest Vegas fans in the world, geeking out about Vegas and laughing at what are sure to be some antics only fit for the greatest city on the planet.

I’m ready.

(Special thanks to my wife for supporting my Vegas obsession. Wish she were coming but as I always say, teachers teach: that’s just what they do.)

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