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Where do I stay? What show do I go to? Which buffet is the best?

With so many choices in Vegas, it is challenging to choose a resort, show, excursion, or restaurant that you know you will enjoy. The key is to explore all of the options, know your budget, your tastes and to not be afraid to try something new. Resorts vary from the very lush such as the Wynn to the incredibly rundown such as the, “don’t ever stay there not even in the event of a zombie apocalypse and it is the only safe haven,” Circus, Circus. Rates are normally equivalent to the quality of the resort. Similarly, you can choose to dine on a budget and purchase a $30 buffet day pass and gorge the buffets or spend big by tasting the menus at Chef Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. However, with an appropriate amount of research and patience, you should be able to make choices that meet your needs and your budget. Spend an adequate amount of time considering how much you would like to budget and what type of experience you would enjoy. As an example, in regards to resorts, I prefer Mandalay Bay because of the large pool complex, restaurants, and vibe of the casino but the resort’s location is less than desirable. For a first-time Vegas visitor, Mandalay Bay may feel disconnected from the heart of the strip and for a younger crowd may feel that the nightlife is more suited for a group of married folks celebrating a 40th birthday rather than a group of rambunctious men having a bachelor party.

The key to finding what is right for YOU is to spend the time looking at what is offered, reading reviews, and trusting the experts.

Our Reviews



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In addition to our reviews, we’ve provided links to some of the sites we recommend to gather information in Helpful Links.

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