Restaurant- BurGR Review

My wife and I love good burgers. We thought we wouldn’t find a better burger or shake than the Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay. Well, Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR is damn close if not better. First, the service was great. The Parmesan truffle fries were some of the best fried I’ve ever had and the onion rings WERE the best I’ve ever had.

My wife had the Hell’s Kitchen Burger and I had the Farm Burger. We both were blown away by how good our burgers were. Outstanding. I ended my meal with a coffee shake which was very good.

So, as compared to Burger Bar, the sides were far better at BurGR. Shake was better at BB. Burgers are so close I could flip a coin.

Only small criticism was the cost. We spent $100 on 2 burgers, two drinks, three sides& a shake. Not ridiculous but a little pricey.

But, worth every penny. We will be back!

One response to “Restaurant- BurGR Review

  1. We went there in October. I wish I had gotten the onion rings. They looked really good. The burger…the relish they put on it was good, but the hamburger itself tasted like it had a lot of filler in it. We topped our lunch off with a pudding shake. That was tasty. But overall, I am not interested in going back.


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