Resort- MGM Grand

MGM Grand (From July 2008)


By Expert, Sal Rizza

Overall, Good

We stayed in the main tower. The room was clean and nice enough. The resort has a great pool complex, easy access to the monorail which is very nice and some nice restaurants.  MGM Grand provides a great value for what you get which is why I would often recommend staying at MGM to first-time Vegas goers.

Service, Good

The staff was pleasant and helpful. We had an issue with our room which is detailed below, and the staff was incredibly accommodating.

Room, Good

Not the best room in Vegas but certainly not the worst.  While we were staying there, the resort was under some type of construction. We lost access to all water for the better part of four hours which caused us to miss our lunch reservations and a large part of our day. We discussed our frustration with a manager. They comped our meal at Emeril’s New Orleans Fishhouse which is one of my favorite restaurants.  

Casino, Good

I really enjoy the MGM casino. It is big and has a similar vibe to that of Mandalay Bay. The poker room offers some nice options for tournaments that are both affordable and the competition isn’t so stiff that an average player couldn’t make a run.

Restaurants, Very Good

The resort offers a wide array of restaurants including one of my favorites, Emeril’s New Orleans Fishhouse. I love Emerils barbecue shrimp! Studio Café’ and the MGM Buffet were awful. It has been quite some time so things may have changed. While I haven’t dined at there, the reviews for Craftsteak and Joel Rubohon have been very good.  


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