Resort- Bellagio

The Bellagio, July 2012 

By Expert, Sal Rizza

Overall, Excellent

We’ve wanted to stay in the Bellagio since our first visit to Las Vegas. The resort holds a charm, a brand and a status as the gem of the Vegas strip. Not to mention, the Bellagio is home to my favorite attraction of the strip, the Bellagio fountains. Overall, we were very pleased with our stay. The staff is absolutely committed to guest satisfaction. The room is clean and updated. The restaurants are classy and the casino, surprisingly, is pretty easy to navigate.

We loved the pool and had our first cabana experience. While it was very, very pricey it was great to be able to lounge under the misters and fans with a TV, snacks, soft drinks and great service.

My biggest gripe with the Bellagio is something that they can do very little about. Tourists!! The traffic on the casino floor, by the guest elevators, restaurants, buffet, lobby, concierge desk and attractions is very difficult to manage. The walkways are clogged at all hours. The line for the café and buffet are filled with Vegas visitors NOT staying at the Bellagio. I would recommend that the Bellagio give priority to their guests OR identify a restaurant or area (other than the pool) dedicated to Bellagio guests. Even with this inconvenience, the Bellagio is still a great place to stay for a true Vegas experience.

Service, Excellent

From the front desk to the room hospitality staff to the casino dealers and wait staff, every member of the Bellagio staff I interacted with paid close attention to each guest’s needs.

Room, Very Good

The only reason the room isn’t excellent is because it is just a tad shy of the excellence of the rooms of the Aria. The rooms are clean, updated and well serviced but lack the extra amenities of the Aria. My wife discovered that the Bellagio offers turndown service when we returned to our room late at night to find our TV on the “soft jazz” station, our pillows moved and chocolates on our pillows. Really nice touch.

Casino, Excellent

I rate the casinos by the variety of machines and table games both in types of games offered and the limits on the floor. The Bellagio, surprisingly, had $10 tables even on the busiest nights which was very nice. I also look to see how quickly the drinks are served, if the casino is easy to navigate and the clientele. In every way, the Bellagio provided a great gambling experience.

Restaurants, Excellent   

The resort rates excellent because of the number of high quality restaurants and the excellent buffet. However, we found that Café Bellagio was hit or miss. We had a few nice breakfasts but one terrible dinner. We expressed our dissatisfaction with our Cobb Salads and were combed the cost of the entire meal. Café Bellagio is very expensive but of the three meals we had there, we were pleased with two of them. Olives located in the Bellagio Shops is outstanding and one of my favorite restaurants in all of Las Vegas.


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