Restaurant- Lagasse Stadium

Great food. Fair service. Average experience. I stopped by after seeing Mystere. It was later and it was opening night for the NBA season. The Lakers were on every screen with a few screens tuned into the World Series of Poker final. I entered from the street level and felt completely lost. I circled the restaurant, ran into a waitress, and asked how I get a seat. She told me to see the hostess by the Palazzo entrance. Finally, I got a seat in the “stadium” section which is a series of couches set up in a stadium seating style. The couches looked a little worn as did the restaurant in general. Even though this was a sports bar because it has Emeril’s name on it, I expected a little bit more. Watching a game was interesting. The jumbo screen was very cool but if I was there to watch several games, the surrounded screens were far too small to see from the middle or back couches. The restaurant does have a slew of other screens by smaller tables but sitting in the stadium is much cooler. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich which was fantastic as were the fries and fried pickles. While the waitress was really nice, it took forever to get refills on my diet coke or to get the check. I would be interested in going back on an NFL Sunday because the place is really neat and the food was fantastic but, unfortunately, my experience lacked something to be desired. 

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