Show- Zumanity- New York, New York


// Zumanity

In July of 2012, my wife and I reluctantly decided to see Zumanity. Ok, it was more my idea. I figured we would continue to build our Cirque portfolio.

The show features some beautiful men and women that performed some spectacular feats. However, the “sensual” side of Cirque felt more awkward and slow than sensual or exciting. The cross-dressing diva host was very funny and the skits were an entertaining distraction to some of the weird performances including a contortionist that seemed misplaced in the production.

I must commend the hula hoop performer which was one f my favorite cirque acts.

If you are looking for a Cirque show, see Love, O, Ka or Mystere instead which are significantly better.

For a sensual show, I’m still looking.

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