Show- Crazy Girls, Riviera

Crazy Girls

Finally, on my 11th trip I attended a Vegas burlesque show. My wife would never go and since I’m using this trip to do things she wouldn’t enjoy, I decided on a burlesque show 

After debating between Crazy Girls and Peepshow, I decided on Crazy Girls because it is the longest running burlesque show at 25 years. I had realistic expectations but hopes for a fun show with beautiful women.

The theatre is incredibly small. I sat fairly close to the stage but it didn’t matter. Once the show started, it was so dark and the lighting was so murky you could barely appreciate the women. The routines are slow and mechanical. One performer had an amazing voice while all of the others lip synced to typical songs.

Fortunately, I purchased my ticket from from tix 4 tonight and only paid 39 which wasn’t bad. I’ve wasted 40 dollars in much less entertaining ways (slots). I wouldn’t pay more but will not be back. I’m hoping to see Peepshow to restore my faith in burlesque shows.

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